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Direct Sports Care

Performance Sports Medicine & Sports Concierge helps build the body to sustain and excel at your sport. As an athlete your time and body are your most valuable resources. Juggling work, family and other responsibilities is tough enough without having to wait hours or days for questions to be answered or to be seen by your physician. By working directly with athletes we are able to be more available to our athletes and better yet more cost effective.

We can be use tele-medicine, calling, texting and other modern technology to make care more convenient and just as effective.  If we unable to resolve the issue by phone, text, or tele-medicine we can bring you in to the clinic the same day in most cases and in the worst case scenario the next day. 


 If you are a member of our Sports Med Club, we  can see your regularly  in order to evaluate you and make sure you remain healthy and are able to pursue your athletic passions. No longer do you need to wait to know if an ache or pop is going to go away; you can get things looked at before they become a problem.  Our "in clinic" and "remote hybrid" options brings to our athletes the best of both worlds. 


Should you have a serious injury we are in most insurance networks and are able to treat you under your insurance and send our for imaging and surgery if necessary.

Prices and Club Memberships

PSM Club Memberships

Sports Med Club

  • Convenient Scheduling with MD

  • Tele-Medicine ( Office Hours per Dr. Reno schedule)

  • Call backs with lab and study results

  • Stat orders for needed studies when indicated

  • Expedited referrals for surgery or other needed services

  • Full Body Musculoskeletal Assessment 

  • Access to Experts for all your Sports Care Needs.

Individual Price:                 $100.00 per Month (Annual Contract)

Family        Price:                  $150.00 per Month (Annual Contract)



Discounts on Clinic Services

  LaserKinetics Session: $100.00 Save $20.00

  Dexa Scan:                           $120.00 Save $30.00

 Getting Answers about your health when you need them,



LazerKinetics Club


$120.00 per month( Annual Contract)

  • 1 Laser included ( they do not roll over) 

  • $80.00 for each additional Laser Saves $40.00

  • Preferred Scheduling and can reserve your monthly slot


Dexa Complete Club

​  2 Dexa  Body Composition Scans per Year: 

  $20.00 per month (Annual Contract)

   Saves $60.00 Annually

   4 Dexa Body Composition Scans per Year:

   $40.00 per month (Annual Contract)

    Saves $120.00 Annually

  Sports Med Conditioning Club


​  Sports Med Club and Remote Conditioning  Combined: 

   $160.00 per month (Annual Contract)

   Plus 2 Dexa Completes a Year!!


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