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The PSM Medical Value Plan


At Performance Sports Medicine, we put the patient first. We value your time, in addition our patient-care model works for the competitive athlete and the busy executive.


Our goal is to help you sustain and excel in your sports or find comfort as you move through your daily activities.

How We Help

Injury Prevention

Reaching Peak Performance

Injury Recovery


Better Health Awaits!

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Better health awaits you at Performance Sports Medicine. Whether you are an athlete or just looking to get back in shape, we want to assist you in reaching your fitness and health goals.

Not in competition? Let's get your body up to speed so you can fully enjoy the activities you love. 

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This office and it's staff is awesome! Friendly, knowledgeable, always eager to help. 

When I started going because of my knee, I was at about 30% i could barely walk up a flight of stairs without my knee hurting.


So I started going to PT sessions once a week with them and they administered my PRP injection.


I would say now with the shot and the weekly maintenance from Susan and Justin, I am at about 88% and it feels amazing.  I can workout my legs again with ease, play basketball with ease, walk with no pain.

Being an MVP means staying healthy while staying active

Our Services

Corrective Conditioning


Deep Tissue Sports Laser


DEXA Body Assessments


Trigger Point Injections


Stem Cell Treatment


Nutritional Counseling

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