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Dexa Body Composition Scan

The Dexa scan is the gold standard when it comes to body composition analysis.


Key information from the report like lean mass, fat mass, weight imbalances, and bone density allow physicians, trainers, or coaches to better understand your body and its needs in order to achieve peak performance and help prevent injuries.


Use scans to evaluate your body's changes over time. Show the results of the current training regime and document measurable change. 



  • Identify weak bones before fractures occur.

  • Ensure diet isn't causing a reduction in lean mass and bone density.

  • Find and address muscle imbalances which can lead to injury.

Price and Packages

Dexa Complete Scan

   Dexa Scan + Results with Dr Reno:    $150.00 

Dexa Complete Plans

  2 Dexa Scans per Year:    $20.00 per month ( Annual Contract)

  4 Dexa Scans per Year:  $40.00 per month ( Annual Contract) 

Sports Med Club Pricing

  Dexa Scan:  $120.00

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